Why Easypos?

Easy to use

So, it’s going to save your time and effort to manage your business.


You have your own dashboard on your own device anywhere.

Lower cost

For it is cloud based; as a result, it will save you additional costs

Integrated planning

Your data, storages, selling information are all under your control.


What you get on Easypos!

  • Increasing sales performance: Comparing sales reports with purchasing costs help you evaluate each product and discover what you need to improve and determine the minor factors for the success of your business in the right time.
  • Easy control: Designed and organized in a way that it’s obvious for you and all the POS users, where it helps you control your resources by creating personal files for the employees with a special access for each of them and a schedule that suits you to track their performance
  • Coupons scheduling: If you have many national and international days coming up and through them you'll provide offers for your customers, you can plan and organize your schedule from the beginning of the year or month.
  • Multiple options: Having optional payment methods will help increase the sales, addition to email receipts and text messages that help customers track their purchases.
  • More than a branch: You have the option to manage more than one branch wherever it is, and every branch has its own information and reports; in this case it will help you know your branch's productivity, track and organize the stock easily.


Sales Screen

Shows you the details of each product in pictures.

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Order notes

The possibility of adding notes on the order and edit them; also, you can make special order.

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Support the branched items

The system lets you to add unlimited number of items

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Adding and editing

You can edit or add any items or users to the system anytime and without any addition cost

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